Tuesday, December 29, 2009

सी एम एस कैम्पस दिल्ली

34 B,कम्युनिटी सेंटर , साकेत , नई दिल्ली -17

सी एम एस एकेडेमी कैम्पस नॉएडा

प्लाट नंबर - 17-18  सेक्टर -106, नॉएडा , उत्तरप्रदेश  

CMS Academy

CMS Academy of Communication & Convergence Studies is a communication management institute that trains students and working professionals in the field of communication, media and management. The Academy offers unique courses which help its students jump start their career at middle and senior managerial levels. The pioneers of communication, media and marketing research studies in India are the founder members of CMS Academy of Communication & Convergence Studies. Their expertise complements the existing repository of CMS case studies, reports and research findings ensuring a trustworthy and firm foundation for the institute.

After impressive research experience of two decades, CMS Academy was conceived for the converging era keeping in mind the need for novelty and innovation in availing communication technologies.

Another unique feature of CMS Academy is its labs (Media Lab, Prototype lab, Futures Lab, Content Lab and Communication Lab) facilities that encourage students to pursue their intellectual aspirations as per their aptitude. The Academy also provides hands-on-experience to the students as they get the opportunity to be proactive in CMS Vatavaran Film Festival, India Corruption Surveys, Transparency Studies Unit and CMS Media Lab. Students also participate in live projects and various research initiatives as professionals, which gives them opportunity to earn while they are still learning.